Today, Rocktropia announced a bold effort in order to save the people of planet Earth from the insidious new threat of social games. Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, Rocktropia founder, announced that he would be leading an assault against imposter virtual worlds and dead end MMOs with Rocktropia 2.0.

“The time has come for a serious showdown, the world needs to get a handle on what’s really going on with virtual reality,” said Jacobs. “It is a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry that is also an incredible new medium for Commerce, Communication, Art, Entertainment and Education, Virtual Reality is even more powerful and immersive than the internet and television, so it’s urgent that we focus on choosing an industry standard now!”

“Rocktropia utilizes the Entropia Universe platform that specializes in the two most important components for the explosive growth of this industry,” he detailed. “A secure Real Cash Economy, which fully supports the users ability to monetize their time spent playing and avatar interoperability which allows avatars to move between an unlimited number of Virtual Worlds produced by different developers with the avatar skills, reputation, currency and in some cases goods intact.”

“This is the foundation for exponential growth, but not just the growth of an industry but of a new frontier of opportunity for the end user. Unlike the internet which is more consumer orientated, virtual reality is a land of opportunity for the user due to the nature of the supply and demand economy and the skill system hardwired into the Entropia Universe avatars, which allows for the development of virtual Professions and Specialization,” he added. “Rocktropia 2.0 is a taste of the future of Virtual Reality and is fully scalable to grow to meet the demands of being the Capital of Pop Culture in this fabulous new medium.”