A report from Branding Brand indicates that purchases via smartphones have certainly risen quite a bit from last year’s Thanksgiving/Black Friday holiday shopping weekend.

The company reports, in conjunction with data from IBM Benchmark, that sales for smartphone-oriented sites have risen tremendously, with a whopping 186.54 percent increase for Black Friday over the previous year, and 75.65 percent more visits than before. iOS leads the charge with 66.62 percent of mobile site visits, while Android lagged behind with 32.97 percent. These buyers generated 174,111 orders with a $93.20 average in price, an increase of just over 22 percent compared to the previous year’s sales.

With the Black Friday weekend spreading into Thanksgiving, numbers also picked up on that day as well, with 69 percent more visits and increased sales of over 258 percent over Thanksgiving 2012, according to Branding Brand’s index.

No word yet on Cyber Monday sales, but numbers could be through the roof for that day as well.

Source: TechCrunch