Chillingo has announced a new partnership with Samsung in the form of a portal called 100% Indie. From the day the site launches on March 4, developers will receive 100 percent revenue until September 3, then 90 percent until March 3, 2014, 80 percent revenue until March 3, 2015, and after that receive 70 percent of the revenue.

“Among the exciting things that 100% Indie will offer is a brand new way to connect with industry leader Samsung and earn unparalleled revenue share opportunities,” wrote Chillingo founders Joe Wee and Chris Byatte. “100 percent Indie allows developers to tap into the phenomenal growth that Samsung is experiencing. Publishing games on Samsung Apps through this initiative will provide developers with the most competitive pre-negotiated revenue share in the industry. Developers who join the program in the first six months will receive 100 percent revenue for their title, and are guaranteed higher than standard revenue share rates until March 2015.”