Sega studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos cited poor performance of M-rated games for Wii in saying the publisher is unlikely to make more mature titles for Nintendo s system. Hantzopoulos comments made in a podcast with 1up are reported by game forum NeoGaf. He said Sega took a gamble on making games such as MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill for Wii, although he said the publisher did initially have research showing the system had an audience for mature games. He said Sega expects its games to eventually make their forecasts, benefitting from what he called longer shelf life for games on Wii.  However he added that additional mature fare along the lines of what his company’s already released for Wii is unlikely. Hantzopoulos also pointed to “Dead Space Extraction,” calling meager sales for EA’s mature Wii game a litmus test that stunned Sega. Read more at NeoGaf.