Shack News lists this week s releases for PC, Xbox 360, Sony s PS2, PS3 and PSP, and Nintendo s Wii and DS.

The pickings are bare, as they should be this time of the year.  EA is exposing The Saboteur, coming to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.  Konami has Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Wii.  It’s a critically well-received M-rated game based on strong IP, so it could be another performance tracker for publishers wondering about the Wii’s adult audience woes.  Nintendo DS owners should be giddy about Zelda: Spirit Tracks.   Final mention goes to Codemasters Dirt 2 for PC, which had a mysterious delay described as too boring to explain by the game makers.

Check out the full list at Shack News {link no linger active}.