Financial services firm Morgan Stanley has conducted a study of usage habits for iPhone versus other mobile phones.  As reported in Business Insider, the study shows significantly more overall device usage as well as greater use of data services and other non-voice activities among iPhone users.  Morgan Stanley found that iPhone users spend an average 60 minutes per day using their device compared to 40 minutes for traditional mobile phone users.  The study showed the reverse trend for voice usage, where average mobile owners used their device for voice calls 70 percent of the time compared to only 45 percent for iPhone owners.

The study also broke down usage for specific activities such as internet, email, texting and gaming.  It showed for average mobile phone users all but voice calls and texting were minimal activities, each used for less than five percent of the time spent on the device.  For iPhone, time not spent making calls was broken down as fourteen percent texting, twelve percent email, ten percent music, nine percent internet, eight percent games, and three percent other.

Read more and check out usage comparison pie charts at Business Insider.