It may seem like Facebook and Twitter everywhere in the U.S., but they aren’t even in the running compared with the popularity of social media in Indonesia, according to an article from the BBC. There, some 80 percent of Internet users are engaged in social activities online, compared to only 55 percent in the U.S. Other Asian countries aren’t far behind Indonesia, with the Philippines at almost 79 percent, Malaysia at 73 percent, and India at 68 percent. China is at over 67 percent, even though the country blocks Facebook.

Users are engaging in a variety of ways, including managing a social network profile, writing a blog, or using a microblogging service like Twitter. Asian countries often have their own home-grown social networking tools, like QQ in China or Cyworld in South Korea. “Indonesians like to chat, they like to express their opinions but in a shy way,” says Danny Wirianto, chief marketing officer at Kaskus. “Sometimes they don’t dare say things in front of people, but in a chatting forum they will.”