At Sony’s press conference at E3, they showed the importance of independent developers to them in the future by devoting a good portion of the conference to showing off indie games on the PS4. Continuing that message, Sony has opened up the Indie games section of the PlayStation store on the PlayStation Vita. The addition of mobile gaming on the go adds to Sony’s inclusion of the section to the PlayStation 3 store in early May.

There are currently 53 titles now available on the store, including the likes of Hotline Miami, Thomas Was Alone and Guacamelee. A bonus of the program is that some of the titles are cross-buy, meaning if you buy it on one system you get it for both. This addition to the store and the attention given to these titles is a positive thing to indie developers, as the titles they spend so much time and effort developing will get more attention in mainstream audiences. We will probably see many more indie games added to the PlayStation consoles in the future as this section gives visibility to indie developers and their projects.