Times have been tough for Sony as of late. The company’s electronics division has suffered a $1.27 billion loss and laid off 5,000 people from its now-shuttered PC division by the end of its last fiscal year, which ended this March. However, the company’s Electronics president and COO, Mike Fasulo, offered a new strategy to help it out.

“I’m asking our people to be scrappy,” said Fasulo during a press event in San Francisco this past week. “I’m looking for doers.”

The new strategy will have more “focus on the customer experience,” something it’s been doing as of late with its heavily popular games division, namely with the best-selling PlayStation 4.

The company recently partnered with Best Buy to push its 4K televisions into stores, with both live and native 4K-based content. It will have its own mini store-within-a-store with certain locations, one that will also focus on its other electronics, and possibly game systems as well.

“This is a fun, entertaining industry,” said Fasulo. “Boy, do we make that painful.”

Source: Recode.net