Last year’s release of The Last of Us turned out to be one of the PlayStation 3’s most remarkable games – and an award winner for the developers at Naughty Dog. Now, it looks like the adventure will live on again as a PlayStation 4 release.

PlayStation’s Eurasian software market manager Sercan Sulun has let it slip that a new port of the action/survival game is on its way to Sony’s latest console. Speaking with Turkish website Multiplayer, Sulun stated through a translator, “There is no information about a new The Last of Us game but I can share this knowledge: as of this summer, The Last of Us will be on the PS4. Both on PSN (PlayStation Network) and physically.”

In addition, the game is set to include previously released downloadable content as well. Sulun continued, “The PS4 version will also include the DLC so you will be able to play Left Behind as well.”

The game has sold six million copies thus far on PlayStation 3, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Sony wants to continue its success.

Source: IGN