Advertising Age  took a look at The Beatles from a brand and marketing perspective rather than a musical one, and highlighted the selectivity with which The Beatles brand is attached. The Beatles: Rock Band came up as a bit of a different project that did gain some marketing visibility (to the tune of a $20 million television campaign).

The Beatles: Rock Band,” for instance, launched last week […] including a TV commercial with the original Beatles images mixed into a crowded Abbey Road street scene created by MTV Networks with the help of RDA International. While MTV created the TV and two-minute cinematic spot released at the game’s announcement in January (with Passion Pictures), Apple Corps provided guidance and approvals along the way. PR firm Edelman has been working on the project since even before the game was announced.

Paul DeGooyer, senior VP-electronic games and music at MTV, said weekly meetings with Apple Corps focused on both the creative elements of the game and marketing from the very beginning. “Apple was involved every step of the way and the marketing keys off the game itself, which they were very happy with,” Mr. DeGooyer said. “What we ended up with is something very classy and meaningful to the Beatles [brand.]”

The selectivity has given The Beatles brand the rare opportunity to gain almost everyone s attention when a product comes out, and The Beatles: Rock Band was no exception. Appearances on The Today Show and The Tonight Show, a feature story in Time Magazine and a cover story in The New York Times Magazine are just a few examples of how that selectivity can pay off when the time comes.

More on this as we develop an exclusive the[a]listdaily feature looking into the brand and marketing behind The Beatles: Rock Band.