Research firms Nielsen and Deloitte have released a pair of reports on media activities favored by Americans. As reported in Adweek, the reports both show that television still dominates media consumption in the US. Nielsen’s most recent A2/M2 Three Screen Report found that Americans spent an average of 129 hours a month watching TV during the third quarter of 2009. That compared to 27 hours spent surfing the internet. A survey conducted by Deloitte for State of the Media Economy: Fourth Edition showed that among Americans 14-75 years old, 71 percent chose TV viewing as their preferred media activity. Deloitte’s report also showed TV as the top activity for every age group with the exception of Millennial Americans, or those aged 14-26 years old, who gave listening to music a slight edge over TV. Adweek has a table featuring Deloitte s data for all age groups.