Twitter is set to roll out location-based promoted tweets by the end of the year. Twitter’s promoted tweets program allows stores and companies to pay a small fee to get their tweets to show up on relevant news feeds. By the fourth quarter of this year, Twitter plans on giving location support to these tweets. For example, if a store promotes a tweet and a user walks near the store, the promoted tweet would show up on their feed. Showing specials or deals in these promoted tweets is a good way to get users to walk into stores nearby.

This addition of location to promotion is a bid to contest Facebook, which has been using zip code-based promotion since 2011. As Twitter is beginning to focus more and more on advertising tools, location-based advertising is the next logical step in turning Twitter into a more advertiser friendly place. Twitter has a strong mobile user base, so advertising directly to these mobile users and getting them to walk into stores will offer up many new options for direct advertising to users. The question for gamers is whether GameStop might be tweeting customers into their stores for this fall’s game and console bonanza.

Source: Ad Age