GameTrack is reporting that U.S. gamers are more numerous, play across more devices, and are more interested in online gaming than gamers in the U.K. In the realm of online, 48 percent of U.S. gamers prefer that compared to 42 percent who play packaged games, with 27 percent of those online that play through browsers.

By contrast, the U.K. and the rest of Europe spend comparatively less time with online products and game apps.  That said, from a dollars viewpoint, packaged games still generate the majority of revenue.

U.S. gamers are more likely to play all three, packaged, online and apps, at a rate of 17 percent. The numbers are significantly smaller in Europe, with 5 percent in the U.K., 3 percent in France and Spain and 2 percent in Germany.

“Amongst kids, gaming across categories is more common than it is amongst adults, pointing to a future gamer comfortable playing across different platforms. Kids’ convergence is strongest in the UK, where 36 per cent of kids play all categories,” says GameTrack. “This is some way ahead of Germany, where for example, only 9 per cent of kids play all three categories. The U.S. doesn’t have quite as much difference between adults (17 percent) and kids (22 per cent) playing all three gaming types.”

In the U.S. the PC is the most popular medium for playing games, followed by consoles. In the U.K. it was a tie between the PC and consoles, while the PC was tops overall across all countries.

The U.S. had the most gamers and the highest percentage, with 165 million having played a game within the past 12 months, equivalent to 68 percent of the population. France was number two at 49 percent (29 million people) while the U.K. was third with 35 percent (20 million people).