Ubisoft s 3D title Avatar: The Game will not be the company’s last, with its pioneering in 3D game development part of the company s objective to become a multifaceted entertainment provider.  Ubisoft CEO Yannis Mallat shared that sentiment in an interview with Canada newspaper Financial Post.

Ubisoft is the first to release a 3D videogame with Avatar: The Game, which has 3D support in versions for Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, and only for those who also have special 3D-enabled HDTVs and 3D glasses.  The game is based on the upcoming James Cameron film, a blockbuster billed special effects extravaganza also being shown in 3D at theaters.  Mallat said Ubisoft wouldn t have incorporated 3D support into the game if it thought the technology wasn t going to be widely adopted.  He compared the transition to 3D TV to the evolution of monaural audio to Dolby stereo sound.  Mallat again reiterated Ubisoft s desire to become a multifaceted entertainer, saying his company wants to transform from game developer to 360-degree entertainment content provider.   It s not the first time Ubisoft has hinted to that strategy.  The company acquired feature film special effects house Hybride last year.  It then had in-house creative staff work with Hybride to produce Hollywood quality short films promoting the sequel in its Assassin s Creed franchise.  While promoting that effort, Mallat had said Ubisoft is exploring getting into the film business.  Mallat repeated that comment to Financial Post, saying that Ubisoft could eventually produce games and films in-house for simultaneous release.

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