Unity Technologies’ general manager for Asia John Goodale believes that piracy has helped the Unity platform in Asia and particularly China. The top cities for users are Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and Nei Hu; Melbourne is fifth with Los Angeles as the only U.S. city to make the top 10.

“It’s pretty phenomenal,” adds Goodale. “I’m certainly not surprised because I’ve been doing business in Asia for 20 years, but I think the general public will be surprised because we’re not known as an engine for Asia.”

The revenue generated in Asian territories so far this year is already 258 percent higher than revenue generated during the whole of 2010, but they’re still looking for new emerging markets. “Latin America is certainly one of those,” Goodale says. “We have grown up with a culture of using local re-sellers, and while I can’t say for certain because Asia is my territory, and I don’t know that we would set up an office in Latin America per se, I do know that we’re working on expanding our re-seller network there. I believe we’ll certainly grow in that territory. Another area of growth…in the relatively near future is India. In India we face an even greater piracy challenge than in China, but as we work hard we’ll eventually overcome these things.”

Source: GamesIndustry