Videogame sales surpassed film revenues in the UK for the first time, reports Daily Telegraph.  Research over a twelve month period ending September 2009 shows Britons spent more money on games than on movie tickets and films on DVD.  Data for the period from GFK Chart-Track shows British consumers spent 1.73 billion GBP on games.  Meanwhile the UK Film Council says people spent 1 billion GBP at the British box office and an additional 198 million GBP on film titles released on DVD.  The Telegraph also cites industry figures showing game console ownership surged from 13.5 million systems in the UK in 2008 to more than 25 million in 2009.  The number of consoles represents enough systems to put one into nine out of ten British households.

The Telegraph says that while games have surpassed films, the biggest forms of entertainment in the UK remain television, accounting for money spent on DVDs of TV programs along with cable and satellite subscriptions, and music.

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