Industry Gamers is featuring data from the 2009-2010 State of Game Development Survey conducted by Game Developer magazine s research arm.  Game Developer Research surveyed 800 developers for the report.  Among findings was a jump in portable and mobile games, with 25 percent growth for projects in the category compared to last year.  Among portable and mobile game developers, 75 percent said they were supporting Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, double that of dedicated game handhelds Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.  The survey found PC development growing with online and social games, with more than 70 percent of developers saying they were making at least one PC title.  That compared to 41 percent working on console games, among whom 69 percent were creating titles for Xbox 360 and 61 percent for PlayStation 3.  Industry Gamers says figures for the consoles are on par with what Game Developer found last year.  But Nintendo’s home console fell sharply, with developers working on Wii titles falling by twelve percent to total about 30 percent in the current survey.

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