Some developers have expressed their dismay over certain features with the Wii U, such as not being able to buy content within their games unless visiting the eShop outside of the app. However, that could very well be a thing of the past, thanks to a new Web Framework program.

First talked about back in March at the Game Developers Conference, the program now appears to be up and running. During GDC Europe this week, Martin Buchholz, manager of developer relations for Nintendo, confirmed that the framework now has an update, one that will allow eCommerce support. This means developers can now add DLC purchases directly into the apps, rather than requiring users to take the “outside route” to make their buys.

It’s still not an entirely smooth process, but this improvement to the service could attract more indie developers to the system – which would work to Nintendo’s benefit by increasing the number of games available.

Source: Engadget