Those of you who haven’t picked up the Xbox One system yet probably won’t find a better time than now to do so, as a pair of major retailers has slashed the price of the system by $50. This means the Xbox One is less than the cost of a PS4, if you count the $60 game included for free.

Both Walmart and Best Buy are selling Microsoft’s new system at $449, including both the original console bundle and the newly released package that features Titanfall.

However, this doesn’t indicate a permanent price drop for the system. Both Best Buy and Walmart confirmed that the discount is only available “for a limited time,” although a specific date wasn’t given as to when the promotion will end.

As for Microsoft’s say on the discount, the company stated, “This offer is available at Walmart and Best Buy retail stores in the U.S. for a limited time. Microsoft sets a suggested retail price, but specific pricing and offers vary by retailer.” It will be interesting to see what impact this has on sales, and whether other discounts or bundles appear when these expire.

Source: Polygon