Microsoft is certainly enjoying great success with the Xbox One thus far, with a million units sold in the first 24 hours of release. But in the U.K. alone, it’s also setting some solid records in its own right.

A retail monitoring site called Chart-Track has reported that Xbox One sales were twice as big as those recorded over the Xbox 360’s launch week years ago, with 150,000 units going out the door in just 48 hours time. In addition, the site proclaims that it’s “just a few thousand units short of beating the (Nintendo) Wii U’s total UK sales accrued since its release a year ago this week.”

It’ll be interesting to see how these sales numbers hold up over the holiday season, and if the Wii U can catch up now that its big flagship title for the season, Super Mario 3D World, is available for purchase.

Source: Computer and Video Games