Pixonic has opened a new office in the San Francisco area. The social gaming company from Russia that calls itself “little Zynga” has launched 40 games and also offers PixAPI, an analytics platform.

“We look forward to working with the best U.S. social gaming developers to help them more successfully bring their games to market,” said CEO Elena Masolova. “We offer selected developers the opportunity to port their social games to iOS and Android totally at our expense. The porting is performed by our in-house mobile team to help developers enter the booming mobile market without distracting their social team.”

“PixAPI allows us to track thousands of in-game events in real-time, analyze game performance and improve it within a few hours,” added CTO Michael Chernetsov. “Competing solutions from Kontagent and Mixpanel carry a substantial cost for developers while PixAPI is free to use. Today, PixAPI statistics are in closed alpha with plans to launch the beta version by early November 2011.”