Out now for the PlayStation 3, the mafia movie JRPG/brawler hybrid Yakuza 4 takes gamers on a ride through a rough and tumble red light district of a fictional area of Tokyo called Kamurocho.  In the downloads section on the official website, an exhaustive and deeply compelling Hustler Guide is available to familiarize gamers with what it takes to survive against both the mob and seduce the ladies.  Profiles and instructions on how to handle local tough guys, charm your way through the hostess clubs and maximize out each entertainment play spot throughout the district are peppered amongst advice on how to seduce the top hostesses and deliver a knockout punch to every known tough guy around using your best judo.  Assembled using in-game screenshots, references and gameplay assets, the Hustler Guide comes complete with a Kamurocho map revealing every corner of these dark and crime filled streets.