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During a recent panel moderated by VideoInk and featuring panelists from advertising and technology companies like VideologyViewbix, andInneractive, the group discussed the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the growing digital video advertising business. A wide range of topics were covered, from the NewFronts to measurement and even the value and potential for interactive advertising in an ecosystem that allows for interactive advertising.

As a follow-up we reached out to two of the panelists, Jonathan Stefansky, CEO and co-founder of Viewbix, and Aleck Schleider, VP of data and analytics at Videology, about the current state of video advertising and where it’s all going. Here’s a selection of their responses below:

What are some of the major trends that caught your eye on the advertising and technology side during the most recent NewFronts cycle?

Jonathan Stefansky: I think the biggest take away was from the IAB’s video-ad spend study, which highlighted how more than two-thirds of marketers and digital agencies are expecting to increase their digital video-ad spend in the next 12 months and that, over the past two years, media buyers have increased video-ad spend by 90%. This underscores how budget dollars are continuing to shift to digital video where advertisers can effectively track ROI from their spend.

Aleck Schleider: From our perspective, since we’ve built our technology around the convergence of TV and video, what is most interesting is that the NewFronts and TV Upfronts are becoming one united front. Several “TV” companies hosted NewFront events, and many of the networks now negotiate both TV and digital during the upfront. As content providers are increasingly distributing their programming across multiple devices, the lines between the two “fronts” are going to continue to blur, which will be more reflective of the way advertisers are thinking about cross-screen advertising. The silos are breaking down—and that’s good news for advertisers as we know that cross-screen advertising produces stronger results.

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