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To be able to leave famous last words, you must either executed or already be a huge star. Now, with the “if i die 1st” app on Facebook, you have a real chance to leave a message to be heard by the world. The only catch is, you won’t live to enjoy the moment but at least you’ll know that if you go unexpectedly, it will be in style. This is one contest you don’t want to win, but you can’t afford to miss.

If I die is the first and only digital afterlife facebook application that enables users to create a final message that will be published after they die.

The message of the first user to die, out of all the users that left their if i die 1st message; will be “awarded” with global exposure estimated in 200 million people. The chosen message will be featured on Mashable, the leading social media website with over 20 million visitors, as well as on various international news casts, websites and blogs.

After installing the app, leave your message in video or text format. Then choose friends to be your Trustees, which are in charge of reporting your passing away, thus triggering your final message to be published. Trustees should be close friends or family members your trust, picked from your Facebook friends’ list. You may choose as many Trustees as you wish, but it takes a minimum of three Trustees to confirm your death.