The sports-focused multi-channel network The Whistle celebrated its recent success of accumulating 6.7 million subscribers earlier this month by opening a brand new studio in Dallas in addition to their existing offices in New York and LA. This YouTube allstar has garnered over 1 billion views, has a carefully curated network of 135 partner channels, and is now pushing to conquer the YouTube sports platform even further by attempting to team up with Xbox.

Last Friday, The Whistle launched its own free native app for Xbox featuring exclusive video content from their partner networks. The Whistle holds partnerships with some of the most popular sports creators on YouTube and has even configured deals with most major league sports, including the NFL,, MLS, the PGA Tour, NASCAR, The Harlem Globetrotters, Major League Lacrosse and the Association of Volleyball Professionals–all of whom are scheduled to provide content for the app.

Considering Xbox and the Whistle already share a similar target demographic, with a platform that is also known for sports gaming, the potential crossover is highly appealing.

According to The Whistle’s EVP Brian Selander, the company’s goal is to “bring compelling sports content to the platforms where fans are spending their time.”

Brands are already showing interest in The Whistle’s new community. For example, Subaru has decided to sponsor the launch of the app, as well as collaborate with Whistle partner and Ultimate Frisbee star Brodie Smith on a video that will be featured on the platform to promote the launch.