While there is no doubt loyalty with certain networks — such as people who use Facebook but won’t even budge when it comes to other channels — there are many consumers out there that like to multi-network across various channels. And it appears that this is very true for Instagram users.

Adweek has reported that, according to a study from GlobalWebIndex, users of the popular photo and video site are also active on an average of nearly five of the top ten social networks, with 97 percent of them partaking on Facebook.

The other networks that Instagram users frequently visit include Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr, MySpace, Reddit and Bodoo. Many also user two social apps that are under the Facebook umbrella — WhatsApp and Messenger.

Speaking with SocialTimes, GWI stated, “Overall, Instagrammers are in fact active on almost five of the top ten social networks globally. That’s very much in line with the move toward more diverse and specialized forms of networking — where people turn to different platforms for different activities — but it does underline one of the reasons why Instagram may be keep to engage (or re-engage) its users through a daily mailshot. Quite simply, cutting through the noise being made inside the social space is becoming more and more of a challenge.”

GWI broke down the numbers even further in the infographic below, including multi-networking behaviors amongst Instagram’s most active users (with Facebook leading the pack) and percentage of users who used the apps over the previous month (with Facebook Messenger leading at 47 percent, followed by WhatsApp, Skype and Viber).