If you missed Dec. 3 [a]list summit, never fear. We had full coverage of the event with our favorite takeaways.

‘If It Doesn’t Work On Mobile, It Doesn’t Work’ Says BuzzFeed’s Terry City: What’s the publisher perspective on the mobile shift and how is BuzzFeed gearing up native content What content is working for them

The State Of Entertainment Marketing: Industry leaders Kristian Segerstrale, COO of Super Evil Megacorp; Peter Levin, President of Interactive Ventures and Games at Lionsgate; Andrew Stalbow, CEO of Seriously; Andy Hess of Epic Games and T.J. Marchetti, CMO of Awesomeness TV gather around for a panel moderated by Jim Louderback. Seriously good insights ensue.

‘If You Make A Movie And There Aren’t Brands In It, It Doesn’t Look Real’ To Lorenzo Di Bonaventura: The veteran producer talks about working with brands and the challenge of scaling content for mobile.

The Mobile Marketing Mix: Where is mobile headed and how rapid are these changes coming How do branded apps fit into the mobile mix

‘Native Advertising Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon’: Native advertising is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t evolving. SpinMedia CEO Stephen Blackwell and Anthem Ventures’ Jon Bauch talk user experience and the future of mobile tech.

2015 Is The Year Of Content Creation: There probably isn’t a social platform that deals with more media content types than Tumblr. David Hayes, Head of Creative Strategy for the social blogging site talks about everything from video, to what brands are killing it on the platform, and how Tumblr will never adopt pay-to-reach monetization.

Monetizing Mobile: One of the biggest challenges around the mobile shift for marketers is of course monetization. Mike Vorhaus leads a panelists from Plantronics, mNectar, TextPlus and Ayzenberg.

The Future Of Mobile Marketing: If you haven’t heard, there’s a little change happening in the field of ad buying called programmatic.

Jack and Jack, Zach King and Brittani Louise Taylor Talk Creating Content for Brands: These seasoned content creators already have many campaigns under their belts but even for them, “that 6-second limit can be tough.”

Kristian Segerstrale on Targeting Core Gamers Through Mobile: Super Evil Megacorp’s marketing mastermind breaks the art of targeting core gamers through mobile down to a science.

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura on The Future of Hollywood: Transformers producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura gives his two cents on Hollywood’s future.

Rich Fineza on App Monetization: Veteran entertainment executive Rich Fineza wants Hollywood to get familiar with app monetization.

Jack and Jack on Content Creation: Vine superstars Jack and Jack share insight about putting your branded content game on lock.

2015 Is The Year Mobile Becomes The First Screen For Brands: Insight from [a]list summit on why mobile will occupy the mainstream for brands in the new year.