Snapchat announced on Friday a first of its kind partnership with UK-based mobile network Three. The two are leveraging the timing of the World Cup by launching the social platform’s first Snappable augmented reality Lens featuring Three’s now famous Puggerfly mascot (a virtual pug dog with butterfly wings)

Snappables are a new type of interactive Lens that for playing and sharing augmented reality games with friends. These experiences are controlled using touch, motion and facial expressions.

Three is the first brand to use the new Snappable format, which enables users to play as Puggerfly in an AR game of football. By tilting their heads left or right, users can dodge incoming Puggerflies while the Lens keeps score, and Snapchat users can then invite their friends to beat their high score.

Puggerfly made its first appearance in Three’s “Go Binge with Snapchat” campaign, and it has already become a trendsetter by being at the center of several firsts on Snapchat. According to a press release, it was the first AR pet to be featured on the platform, running in different Lenses during a week-long period in April, where users could raise a Puggerfly from a puppy to adulthood. Additionally, the virtual pet is the first Lens to “go to sleep,” and it was the first gamified Snapchat Lens that offered real-world rewards through Three’s mobile network.

Snapchat first announced Snappables in April, and they offer developers a means of creating gaming experiences on the platform. At the time, Snapchat said that it intended to release a new Snappable each week. Previous attempts to bring games onto Snapchat include last year’s Zynga Poker promotion, where users could play a hand of poker using facial expressions.

There are currently over 12 million daily Snapchat users in the UK, with the platform reaching over 25 percent of all smartphone users in the country. Users spend an average of three minutes playing with AR experiences and sharing over 250 million Snaps using Lenses each day. Snapchat reported that over 1 trillion photos were taken globally with the Snapchat camera in 2017, which comes out to about three billion Snaps a day.

“Since the start of our partnership with Snapchat we have focused on creating innovation and true integration across our campaign, end-to-end,” said Three’s director of brand and communications Kat Ward-Smith in a statement.

David Norris, Snapchat’s creative lead in the UK, added “We know how important big cultural moments are on Snapchat, and it is so exciting to bring Puggerfly back to the camera during the first weekend of the World Cup. We’ve already enabled Snapchatters to play with their Puggerfly as it learned to walk, dance and fly; so, what a great way to continue the story by creating the pitch invading Puggerfly to launch the UK’s first Snappable.”