By: Jessica Klein

We’ve established that interest in virtual reality is growing, but it’s difficult to say how much. Sales of VR headsets haven’t exactly been through the roof (most aren’t even available to consumers yet), and more content is being announced, it seems, than it is being seen.

Still, people can make predictions. Research firm SuperData projected that VR will have 10.8 million users by the end of 2016. That’s a big number…but the end of 2016 is a long time away. Furthermore, VR investments totaled around $2.6 billion in 2014 ($2 million of which came to Oculus from Facebook, with the rest spread amongst about 18 other VR companies), which would have been a hard figure to imagine just the year before. Plus, 1.3 million people already bought VR headsets last year.

So how will VR reach so many more viewers in a couple of years Of these potential 10.8 million users, 46 percent are expected to access VR experiences on their PC devices (“a wave” of which will come out halfway through 2015, said SuperData—the Oculus Rift has already debuted and falls under this category), with consoles accounting for 28 percent of VR viewership (like Sony’s Morpheus) and mobile making up for the rest (which includes devices like Samsung’s Gear VR).

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