This week in social media news, Instagram rolls out ads in Instagram Shop tab to international markets, TikTok adds a new ‘Promote’ ad option to business profiles, YouTube opens a 6,000-seat live entertainment venue with Hollywood Park in Inglewood, California and more.

Instagram Launches Ads In The Shop Tab Globally

Instagram is rolling out ads in the Instagram Shop tab, the platform’s fully dedicated shopping surface, to countries globally where the tab is available. The move comes after Instagram tested the new format, which includes single images and a carousel option, with select US advertisers including Fenty Beauty, Away and Clare paint.

Why it matters: The expansion is part of Instagram’s larger effort to invest more in its e-commerce business, though not everyone was happy about the addition of the Instagram Shop tab. When it was introduced last summer, it replaced Instagram’s “Activity” tab at the bottom navigation row, much to the chagrin of users who said the move made Instagram feel more commercially driven.

The details: During the testing phase of ads in Instagram Shop, the company said the format would include an auction-based model. The number of ads a user sees will depend on how they use the app and how many people are shopping in the Instagram tab. Since Instagram Shop is a mobile-only feature, ads will only appear on mobile as tiles that are labeled ‘Sponsored.’

TikTok Adds New ‘Promote’ Ad Option For Business Profiles

TikTok has launched a new ‘Promote’ ad option that lets business accounts turn organic videos into an ad directly within the app.

Why it matters: The new feature will help brands drive one of three objectives—more video views, more website visits or more followers—that correspond to a specific call-to-action. One caveat is that the ad feature is available to public clips that don’t use copyright-protected music.

The details: Business profiles can access TikTok’s new Promote ad option in two ways–either by selecting the ‘Promote’ button in a video’s individual video settings or via ‘Settings and privacy’ > ‘Business suite’ where they’ll see the Promote button.

To set up a Promote ad, brands can choose the video they want to boost (TikTok suggests using your best-performing organic video) then choose a goal, duration and target audience for the campaign. After TikTok approves the promotion, you can get insights on the video’s performance.

YouTube Debuts 6,000-Seat Live Entertainment Venue In Inglewood, California

In collaboration with Inglewood, California’s Hollywood Park, YouTube has opened YouTube Theater. At the 6,000-seat venue, which has live-streaming capabilities built into the infrastructure, YouTube says it plans to host live events like concerts, theater performances, esports competitions, conferences and more, with the first event slated for September.

Why it matters: With the state of in-person events in limbo due to the Delta variant, YouTube Theater could play a part in shaping the next generation of hybrid or digital-only events. In addition to built-in live-streaming capabilities that let performers livestream their events to YouTuber viewers worldwide, the theater includes a large-scale digital YouTube icon outside the venue and a digital wall inside. According to YouTube, both utilize motion-sensor technology so fans can interact with the screens, and the screen can be programmed with content related to events.

The details: YouTube Theater is part of the platform’s 10-year partnership with Hollywood Park, a 300-acre sports and entertainment destination.

As per YouTube:

“In the future, they hope to use it to celebrate YouTube creators, extending content from the platform into the real world to help creators grow their businesses, and as a place to bring our company events to life.”

Emarketer: Pinterest US Shoppers Grew 30.5% In 2020 To 12 Million Total

According to eMarketer’s latest forecast, the number of US social buyers on Pinterest grew 30.5 percent in 2020 to a total of 12 million. The firm expects the figure to grow another 16.5 percent to reach 13.9. million by the end of 2021.

Why it matters: Pinterest has introduced a variety of social commerce tools in recent years, including Buyable Pins in 2015 which evolved into Product Pins in 2018, leading users directly from a post to a retailer’s checkout page. More recently, it launched Idea Pins, a replica of Instagram Stories that enables creators to create brand-sponsored content.

The details: Emarketer projects Pinterest buyers will reach 15.1 million in 2022 and 16 million by 2023, the latter figure which would represent 15.7 percent of US social buyers.