It’s no secret that Snapchat has become a major platform for brands, despite its increased asking price. Partners like Coca-Cola and Sony have already seen their fair share of success, and now you can add Taco Bell to the mix.

The fast food chain recently put together a promotion where Snapchat users could turn themselves into “taco people,” replacing their faces with crunchy tacos complete with eyes and mouth, and getting the chain’s traditional “BONG” effect right after. Despite it being a silly idea, it has paid off tremendously, as the Cinco de Mayo-themed promotion has brought in 224 million views in one day. That’s a new record for a Snapchat promotion.

The taco-based lens only took about six weeks to create, and cost around $750,000 to put together, similar to what Snapchat charged for holidays and special event advertising, including the Super Bowl. But considering the views that went into the video, and its popularity on social media, it’s a big payoff for Taco Bell’s marketing team.


Even though the campaign only lasted for one day, it was more than enough to top the previous Snapchat record, which was Gatorade’s Super Bowl-themed promotion that garnered 165 million views.

The general playing time for the ad was around 24 seconds, resulting in a “Snap” being sent soon after. As a result, it managed to generate 12.5 years’ worth of play in a single day.

Considering that Taco Bell has been on Snapchat for three years prior to the promotion, and promoted its new Quesalupa item on it through various Snapchats, this new comical approach could prove to be an effective advertising tool for the chain in the future. Who’s ready for a Quesalupa face?