This weekend, Americans will watch the Baltimore Ravens go against the San Francisco 49ers for Super Bowl XLVII, and Twitter has rightfully positioned itself as the vehicle for real-time updates during the showdown. Rightfully because the social network thrives on the unpredictability of live events.  And the Super Bowl, that mecca of sports sensationalism where even halftime generates headlines, is perfect for Twitter’s rapid-fire 140-character inputs to cover and comment on everything that happens.

According to Twitter, more than 13 million tweets took place during last year’s game, with over 100,000 per minute during Madonna’s halftime show alone. Twitter is planning for similar action on Sunday, with no less reasons for the hundreds of millions who tune in to chatter away about halftime performances and the drama on the field, not to mention the buzz generated by pricey TV commercials.  This year, Twitter has outlined a few plays of their own to best follow the action.

Fans may need to use a Twitter client or open a few browsers to follow everything.  Beyonce’s stream @Beyonce will surely be hopping about her halftime performance.  The Ravens have their @ravens stream to interact with their players, and the official hashtag following the Ravens’ point of view on the action can be found at #RavensNation.  The 49ers are interacting through @49ers, and for what their fans have to say they’ve set up the hashtag #questforsix, a nod to this potentially being the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl win.

For Twitter’s part, it has created lists for users to see rosters for both the 49ers and Ravens {Twitter content no longer active}.  There’s also what you could call a virtual VIP area with photos, videos and more from the front lines of the show.  And coming back for a second year in a row, Twitter is promoting Twitter Ad Scrimmage, which allows users to watch and vote on their favorite Super Bowl spots as they air during the game.

Some aren’t even waiting until Sunday.  Players and fans have already begun to share their experiences and excitement, and that’ll see hockey stick growth (or call it slant route growth) over the weekend.

Which aspect of the Super Bowl are you most excited to watch — the game, the halftime show, or the ads? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: Twitter