by Jessica Klein

Vessel’s written a blog post letting people know what’s gone down on the subscription/ad-supported video service since its launch about a month ago. Basically, the message is, “We’re doing very well, thank you.”

Addressing the possible concerns of creators wondering whether they can build a long-term business on the platform, Jason Kilar’s company made sure to note that early access content, one of its major distinguishing points from the likes of YouTube, is successfully drawing business. Vessel reports that over 80 percent of its “active” subscribers watch the videos that creators release first on Vessel before they come to YouTube (or elsewhere) 72 hours later.

This seems to be working out in terms of revenue, too. Vessel’s blog post also notes that the company’s monetization goals for creators have “exceeded…initial estimates.” Those initial estimates were $50 for creators per about every 1,000 views their videos get.

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