A new ARG for Hunted, a new Cinemax drama revolving around the ominous-sounding Byzantium Security International utilizes elements from the fictional company’s name and image baiting the Occupy movement. Out-of-home ads were placed on and around Wall Street, and banners on WallStreetJournal.com really rubbed that in.

They direct people to a game at ByzantiumTests.com, a five-part job application that’s appropriately byzantine. Developed in part with a cognitive psychologist, the tests combine Facebook integration, emotion recognition technology, logic and spatial puzzles, personality tests and subliminal commands. A magician from The Magic Circle, a London-based magician society, helped further trick out the site.

For outreach, writers and bloggers were sent a wooden puzzle, in the shape of the Byzantium Security logo, that was a challenge to unlock — with a flash drive inside containing media materials.