On the official Facebook page for the game, the SOCOM 4 Teammate Finder {link no longer active} allows fans to build a firefight team from their friends on Facebook. The experience begins by asking the user a series of questions about what they look for in a teammate (loyalty or self-reliance ) and multiple choice answers to determine what they would do if they were lost somewhere in a southeast Asian jungle. Once the questions are answered, the user s Facebook profile pic becomes the Team Leader image and four friends are chosen to fill the role of sharp shooter, demo and infantry, recon and close combat. Teammates are chosen based on number of posts and photos that they have on Facebook to determine their team role. Fans can show off their chosen team on their wall or post to a friend s wall that they have been chosen to be part of their team. Users can also watch a trailer of the game or send an application to a friend to also look for their own team.