Geoff Tanner is a passionate believer in the power of breakthrough creative. That philosophy and his passion for music lead to some of the most iconic campaigns of the past ten years. Geoff oversees the consumer and customer experience across the commercial funnel. He has a unique perspective on the blending of sales and marketing that helped JM Smucker transform from having a “sleepy” brand portfolio to being named on the Fast Company list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.

In this episode, Geoff and I discuss the key elements JM Smucker targeted to transform the brand portfolio, marketing strategy, and operating model. Geoff tells us what “The Power of One” is, the importance of household penetration and reach, and how improved metrics will impact the future of marketing and creative

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How diverse the JM Smucker portfolio is and the impact of multiple acquisitions
  • How to maintain relevance for a brand that is over 100 years old
  • Issues with ROI and impact measurements, and what the future may look like

 Key Highlights

  • [01:30] How Geoff is giving back to his community through music
  • [05:22] The path from rugby in New Zealand to the C Suit at JM Smucker
  • [08:15] How the public should think about JM Smucker’s portfolio
  • [09:25] JM Smucker’s transformation and new marketing model
  • [13:15] The key elements Geoff and his team had to change to reach their goals
  • [13:50] What is the “Power of One,” and how did it impact their agency search
  • [15:00] Identifying what was most critical to driving the business
  • [16:10] Modernizing Meow Mix
  • [17:45] Ludacris and Jif Peanut Butter
  • [18:50] Facelift for Folgers
  • [20:20] The Byron Sharp and Mark Ritson Influence
  • [22:45] Transforming the “selling machine”
  • [24:30] Markers of growth
  • [27:05] The balance of reach and creative
  • [28:25] Talk about JB Steenkamp
  • [29:15] How getting an internship at Heinze shaped Geoff’s perspective
  • [31:25] Give back earlier and know your value
  • [34:15] The fusion between sales and marketing
  • [35:50] Brands Geoff has his eye on
  • [37:05] The threats and opportunities associated with mass media measurement

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