BrightLocker wants to help game developers connect directly with their fans. The Austin, Texas-based startup has launched a new platform designed to extend game brands directly with gamers, building a community through exclusive content. The platform also allows developers to crowdfund projects, as well as generate revenue from things like merchandise and inside access to the game development process.

John Burns, COO of Brightlocker, told AListDaily that the person who built this platform previously created the PlayStation Network. Burns spent over 20 years in the games industry at companies like Electronic Arts, Activision and Trion.

“Brightlocker has a lot of experience in direct-to-consumer platforms,” Burns said. “The mission we embarked on 12 months ago was to enable and empower developers to connect more with their players by building a variety of technology platforms.”

Burns said Brightlocker’s platform enables developers to have a deeper and interactive experience with fans and players. The platform takes elements that already exist in the ecosystem—like Twitch—but enables fans to have a deep engagement with their favorite developers and a closer relationship with the development process.

Brightlocker is already working with developers like Descendent Studios (Descent: Underground), Edge Case Games (Fractured Space), Bitbox Studio (Life is Feudal), Dark Tonic Studios (Legends of the Brawl), Bolder Games (Red), Mechanical Boss (Solar Gun), Mirum Studio (Guards!) and No Moon Studios (Midnight) to connect with consumers. There will be hundreds of games on the platform over the course of this year, based on conversations the company has had since GDC this year.

“Developers can use Brightlocker to acquire new players, connect with and engage with long-term and new fans in making development decisions, and even crowdfund games,” Burns explained.

From the consumer perspective, Burns said Brightlocker allows fans to interact with their favorite games all in one place.

“By engaging with their favorite games, players can get a lot of exclusive content with both physical and in-game items. They can earn influence through guided choices, where a player can help make choices in the game development process, and they participate through interactivity, which will be incorporated into our own livestream technology on the platform,” Burns said.

One developer, which is fairly early on in the development process, will offer a variety of choices for gamers every three days. Another developer will have an artist livestreaming every Tuesday, while the executive producer will livestream every Friday.

“We’re agnostic when it comes to livestreaming platforms, but we believe our platform brings a richness to the experience that doesn’t exist on other platforms,” Burns explained. “Facebook and Twitch have big audiences and we won’t be competing with those platforms on day one, but we’ll have a strong audience early on and we expect it to grow exponentially.”

While everything on Brightlocker will be flexible for developers to price, including things like a one-on-one livestream with a game producer or getting a copy of the game or swag, Burns said the typical subscription will be $4.99 and $9.99 per month.

“Some elements are free, and there will be a lot of offerings from game developers that don’t require a subscription or microtransaction,” Burns said. “Some things will require a one-time payment and others will be based on a subscription.”

Brightlocker also incorporates a crowdfunding option, although this model differs from other companies.

“We looked at the space and felt it needed to evolve,” Burns said. “If someone comes to our platform, they can subscribe to a game they like or they can microtransact to the various benefits. This allows developers to crowdfund through microtransactions without requiring players to give out a large amount of money. Players can feel comfortable that they have a long-term relationship with the developer. There’s no equity funding.”

Brightlocker will support all types of game developers, from early concept to post launch, as well as all platforms including PC, console, mobile and VR.