EA Sports continues to ramp up promotion for FIFA 17 ahead of its September 27 launch, this time with a pair of gloriously colorful, limited edition cleats. Limited to only 1,500 pairs, the EA Sports x Nike Mercurial SuperFly shoes celebrate the legacy of the FIFA franchise from its humble beginnings in 1994 to its innovative, HD gameplay of the present. This is visually represented a 16-bit print on the medial side that transitions to the high-definition look of today on the lateral—all backed with a vibrant orange hue. More special details include the EA Sports logo on the heel, an iridescent plate, and metallic gold threading through the laces. Each pair is individually numbered on the heel.

“This collaboration came together rather organically,” Nathan Van Hook, senior design director for Nike Football told The Mirror“Our design team spends a lot of our free time playing football—both on the pitch and via video game—we’re pretty obsessed with both. We wanted to create something memorable that brings together the physical and virtual worlds.”

The EA Sports x Nike Mercurial SuperFly will be available for sale via the Nike Football App and Nike’s website on September 26. For video game players, the shoes will also be available in virtual form through the EA Sports Football Club catalog beginning September 22, so your soccer star can play in style.

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EA’s partnership with Nike is just one of several promotions for its latest game. Coke has also partnered with EA by offering a collectible Slurpee cup activation at 7-Eleven stores across the US along with a FIFA 17 contest featuring over 10,000 prizes. During E3, EA Sports placed major emphasis on the players themselves and each individual’s journey to greatness—inviting gamers to interact with the title on an emotional level. Additionally, fans were invited to vote on the cover star, further creating a sense of personal investment in the game’s success. FIFA 17 is a major eSports contender—so much, in fact, that pro-Brazillian soccer player, Wendall Lira retired from real-life games to pursue a career in FIFA.