Personalization can go the extra mile when it comes to the promotion of a product. Coke, for instance, launched a campaign last year where consumers could purchase its products with their names on the bottle – provided they could find them in stores.

Now, Lay’s has a new campaign that takes that personalization effect to the next level. CNN has reported that its new summer program will allow consumers the opportunity to upload photos of themselves (or whatever they wish to photograph) onto bags of potato chips, using the Lay’s Summer Bag Creator.

The first 10,000 fans that take part in the program will actually receive a bag of chips that features their photo, along with whatever caption they wish to post alongside it. Everyone who does so, however, will get a digital version of their bag, which they’ll be able to share on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“The ‘Lay’s Summer Days’ promotion is a way for us to celebrate our fans and the season by personalizing their connection with the brand in a fun, unique way,” said Tina Mahal, senior director of marketing at Frito-Lay, makers of Lay’s chips (as well as a division of Pepsi).

This promotion will run through July 4, and will also tie in other Lay’s brands with summer packaging, including Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos and other types, which will reveal a hidden image when exposed to sunlight.

This is the latest program by Lay’s that allows consumers to take part with customization, as it previously introduced the “Do Us a Flavor” program, which allowed them to come up with as many chip flavors as they could – some even ending up being sold in stores. (Others, like the suggested Toothpaste-flavored chips, simply aren’t happening.)

Those that wish to take part in the promotion can do so on the official Lay’s home page.