As CMO during a time of hyper-growth and record-breaking acquisitions, John Taylor is constantly evolving AMD’s marketing approach and working to advance the company’s identity. By moving from a “product first” to an “audience first” method, AMD has been able to navigate rapid changes and foster a high level of confidence in the future by directly engaging with customers and being intentional with the culture they are creating.

In this episode, John and I discuss the importance of building trust and affinity around your brand, why marketers need to see how their message lands directly, and ways to leverage industry partnerships.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of communicating directly to your most discerning consumers
  • What role a CMO plays in the company culture
  • Why AMD decided to create their own Brand Platform

Key Highlights

  • [03:30] John’s path to becoming a CMO
  • [07:00] What is driving the” hyper-growth” at AMD?
  • [09:00] How acquisitions affect marketing strategies
  • [11:20] Evolving marketing efforts as the business grows
  • [12:40] Understanding a complex go-to-market matrix
  • [14:00] Investing in technology to increase and measure the impact
  • [14:50] What makes a good CMO?
  • [16:45] How AMD is approaching marketing today
  • [20:30] Why marketing teams need to lean into PR
  • [23:00] John’s approach to leadership and culture
  • [26:40] What is “Together We Advance”?
  • [31:30] The mentors that shaped John
  • [34:15] Why young people should take on big challenges
  • [35:30] The benefit of delivering the story you’re trying to tell in person
  • [37:20] The brand John thinks we should watch
  • [38:00] The importance of sustainable computing
  • [38:55] Balancing the need for data and the ever-changing data landscape

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Alan B. Hart is the creator and host of “Marketing Today with Alan Hart,” a weekly podcast where he interviews leading global marketing professionals and business leaders. Alan advises leading executives and marketing teams on brand, customer experience, innovation, and growth opportunities. He has consulted with Fortune 100 companies but is an entrepreneur at his core, having founded or served as an executive for nine companies.