Square Enix and Nissin Cup Noodles’ latest team promotion is for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, a new squad-based brawler game releasing January 30. But this is far from their first campaign together—the brands discovered their shared demographic interests a few rounds ago.

“There’s a strong synergy between Nissin and Final Fantasy in terms of who our fans are, our brand personalities and our authentic Japanese roots,” Jaclyn Park, director of marketing for Cup Noodles told AListDaily. “This partnership sets us up to continue to explore win-win[s].”

For this promotion, specially-marked, limited-edition packages of Cup Noodles will feature characters from the game, and fans can text a photo of their purchase receipt to the brand to unlock a special “royal raiment” outfit for Noctis, a playable character in the game.

The instant ramen brand first partnered with Square Enix for Final Fantasy XV with a special Cup Noodles-themed trailer and side quest inside the game called “The Perfect Cup.” The mission challenged players to track down ingredients to add to a Cup Noodle snack—the favorite food of Noctis’ companion, Gladiolus.

Nissin teamed up again to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy with limited-edition ramen packages that featured boss characters from across the game’s history, with receipts redeemable to win a Cup Noodle helmet. Those who participated in the promo were also entered to win one of 30 giant collectible forks. The two-foot-long “Ultima Weapon Fork” is made to look like an ornate sword—a staple of Final Fantasy weaponry.

“Nissin Japan’s partnership with Square Enix in that market last year was a great success based on overall program metrics, and we even saw some spill-over into the US,” said Park. “In fact, it was so successful that it spurred us to work with Square Enix here [in the US].”

For video game developer Square Enix, the ongoing partnership with Nissin offers marketing opportunities by creating value for its fans.

“We both have incredible, passionate fans, and by the way of this partnership we are able to provide a unique way for both of our fans in the US to interact with each other’s product in a way that feels like a natural extension of [Final Fantasy] history,” Ryan Lacina, director of product marketing at Square Enix North America told AListDaily.

Park endorses approaching business relationships that add an overall value to their consumers.

“Look for your brand’s natural fit with a partner, and then build something that can make one plus one equal three for a consumer,” said Park. “If you have to question whether a partner ‘feels’ right, you’re probably trying to force a relationship that isn’t quite there in consumers’ minds. Gamers, in particular, are an extremely passionate and discerning community, so anything that feels forced could do more harm than good.”