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Marketing Proves Its Mettle During Pandemic, Job Growth Follows Suit


The 26th edition of The CMO Survey found that there was a 9.1 percent overall increase in the number of marketing jobs added in 2020, with 17.7 percent of the roles going to senior managers.

Why it matters: The marketing job additions are expected to be permanent, with 72.2 percent of marketers reporting that the importance of marketing in their companies grew during the last year vs. the June 2020 survey level of 62.3 percent.

How To Target Generation X Through Paid Ads

Neil Patel

Generation X, the cohort born between 1965 and 1980, have typically been ignored by marketers who are focused on targeting baby boomer and millennial generations. But the reality is they comprise about 25 percent of the population and they outspend millennials by 41 percent and baby boomers by 18 percent.

Why it matters: An effective strategy for reaching Gen X consumers should include paid search ads, email marketing, social media and occasionally, direct mail. The group of shoppers is frugal but also tech-savvy enough to use Google and Facebook regularly, so marketers should use terms like “discount” and “promo code” in their ad copy, as well as ensure their website is clear and contains detailed information and reviews.

Goldilocks Vs. The Three Little Pigs: Three Options For The Future Of The Web


To ensure marketers don’t have to interrupt the consumer journey by asking them to enter an email to access their website, The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media is advocating for the use of cross-site and app addressable media identifiers together with an enhanced accountability program.

Why it matters: Such cross-site and app solutions can make contextual and encrypted email-based solutions more valuable and supplement other engagement tactics rather than replace them.

Nordstrom Tosses Its Hat Into Shoppable Livestreams


Nordstrom kicked off its foray into shoppable livestreams with a live Burberry virtual styling event. The retailer expects to host multiple shoppable livestreams each week, some of which will be highly produced and include runway footage while others will involve industry experts discussing trends around fashion and beauty.

Why it matters: Nordstrom’s goal is to deliver engaging experiences that “allow for discovery, personalization and service at scale.” Each event will enable customers to click on links that direct them to shop the item on Nordstrom’s website.

The Impact Of Race On Influencer Pricing

Campaign Live

Charlotte Williams, the founder of SevenSix Agency, an influencer marketing agency with a focus on diversity and inclusion, concluded via a survey that a fear of transparency around the pay gap between black and white influencers is impacting the ability to formalize pricing structure, something influencers are desperate for.

Why it matters: Her agency’s survey among brands and influencers found that 57 percent of influencers believe ethnicity impacts the fees they can charge. Forty-nine percent who thought they undercharged and believed their ethnicity affected their fees were black, followed by 18 percent who were South Asian and 13 percent who had a black and white heritage.