Seriously’s Best Fiends has managed to become quite the mobile hit, with a high number of installs and a number of noteworthy promotions, including a recent tie-in with YouTube superstar PewDiePie. But now the publisher has launched its biggest promotion to date, teaming up with a number of other YouTube superstars with a new campaign called “The Worst’s Biggest Mobile Treasure Hunt.”

13 different YouTube stars are on board for the promotion, including Rosanna Pansino, CaptainSparklez and DanTDM among others. They provide clues to players within the game to help them find 13 different stickers within the game. Those that manage to find them all can unlock Newt, the rarest of the Fiends, along with a stockpile of in-game currency, including gold and diamonds.

Seriously has been promoting the game like crazy on its Facebook page, even providing a few hints for those that might have missed them in the game. We had a chance to sit down with vice president of marketing and communications for Seriously, Philip Hickey, to get more insight into this attention-getting campaign.

Tell us about this Treasure Hunt and how the community can get involved with it.

We are working with 13 of the biggest YouTube stars including Rosanna PansinoCaptainSparklezDanTDM and CutiePieMarzia, with a combined total of 60 million subscribers. The treasure hunt kicked off (last week), and each YouTube star released a video on their channels which included them hiding their personal stickers throughout the game and providing exclusive hints for  their fans and Best Fiends players to find them. By uncovering all 13 stickers, players can unlock the treasure chest containing the rarest of all Fiends in the game, Newt, as well as gold and diamonds. To see the videos, hints and updates, players can visit and

How did you go about selecting the key YouTube talent involved with this promotion Are they fans of the game as well

When working with YouTube stars, it’s important that they are a natural fit. We had worked with some of the stars like Rosanna Pansino, CaptainSparklez and CutiePieMarzia in previous campaigns. They are fans of the game and resonate well with the Best Fiends audience.  Rosanna Pansino is a big fan of the character Howie!

Best Fiends has done a great job landing atop the free apps lists for iPhone and iPad. What do you think it is that keeps players coming back for more

We treat our game as a service and are continually delivering new updates and engaging content based on what are users are looking for. Frequent updates (around every 3 weeks), a strong attention to detail, addictive gameplay and innovative marketing campaigns help keep our players engaged and our community to grow to the size it is today with over 500,000 Facebook fans and nearly over 250,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter combined.

Now that Twitch has introduced an upload service, does your team see any potential with working with popular streamers on that end Or are you sticking with YouTube for now

We are always looking to break through with innovative marketing campaigns and exploring new partnerships and this is something we will be watching closely. Speaking of Twitch, we are part of their Indie Spotlight series this month.

Do you have any other promotions planned for the future Or can you say yet

We are always looking for unconventional ways to cut through and get discovered. We ve done some really interesting campaigns here at Seriously with YouTubers like PewDiePie in the past and are excited about the results we have seen so far with  the  “World s Biggest Treasure Hunt !”  We might have a few new tricks up our sleeve ! Stay tuned!

More information about the Treasure Hunt can be found here, on Seriously’s official Best Fiends page.