Many have dreamed suddenly waking up with amazing super powers, but how would they be used, and what would be society’s reaction to these gifted individuals? These are some of the themes that are covered in the NBC television miniseries Heroes Reborn, created by Tim Kring, and continues from where the original 2006-2010 show Heroes left off.

Although the TV series is approaching its epic finale, the fantastic world continues in the video game Gemini: Heroes Reborn, developed by Phosphor Games in partnership with Imperative Entertainment (co-founded by Kring himself). The game comes complete with a stand-alone story and all original characters, giving both fans and those unfamiliar with the series a chance to leap into the world of heroes and villains.

Brad Santos, Producer of Gemini: Heroes Reborn, speaks to [a]listdaily about being super powered and bringing gamers into the world of Heroes Reborn.

Tell us a little about what Gemini: Heroes Reborn is all about.

It is a first-person, action-adventure in which players assume the role of Cassandra, an ordinary college student who through a series of circumstances discovers a number of super powers within her. There are 7 powers in all, and what makes the game really unique and fun is the ability to combine your powers and use them simultaneously. This offers the player tremendous freedom in combat and puzzle solving.

In what ways is Gemini related to the Heroes Reborn television show?

Gemini was inspired by the Heroes universe, but it is a standalone story. The stories betweenGemini and our mobile game called Enigma are intertwined, and show different sides of the same story. Also, one of our main characters did make a brief appearance in one of the Heroes Reborn Webisodes.

What was Tim Kring’s role in the creation of the game?

Tim and his team from the show wrote the story and script for the game, and were involved throughout to ensure the game stayed true to the Heroes universe.

Gemini Core Gameplay Screens 28

Are there any cross over events and/or characters between the show and game?

None are planned at this time, but for fans of the show, there are a wealth of Easter eggs throughout the game which pay homage to both the original Heroes series and Heroes Reborn. We were very careful to design the game so that even if a player had never seen a single episode, their game experience would not be impacted.

In what ways will playing the game enhance the show’s experience and vice versa?

I think for fans of the show who have wondered what it would be like to discover you had powers, this is a chance to explore that notion. What would I do with them? How would I react when confronted by a bad guy? What would do with time traveling abilities? For players who have not seen the show, it a chance to see how the team of writers created layered stories with a lot of intrigue and surprises.

How will Gemini help grow the Heroes Reborn audience?

The game was designed primarily to appeal to gamers rather than fans of the show. When we started this project our mission was simply to create a great game, while at the same time knowing that with Tim and his team involved we’d also have a great story. So I do feel that players who love the game will find the urge to go back and check out the show, if they haven’t already.