From Engadget:

Can’t say we’re all that surprised given other sightings, but one anonymous tipster has sent us pics from a local Walmart of the 120GB Xbox 360 Elite in a shiny white package with a back-of-box chart that neglects to mention the Pro models, essentially striking it from the records.

Alongside rumors of a price drop on the Elite to $299, Engadget has a photo of what looks like a new retail box that lists only the Elite and Arcade models of Xbox.

The Xbox 360 Pro model, now missing from the box, was the $299 just right version of Microsoft’s home console.  It wasn’t as sparse on features as the Arcade, which ships sans hard drive, but it didn’t have the needless frills of the Elite, with its black finish and HDMI port.

We re awaiting an official response from Microsoft to Sony’s recent PlayStation 3 redesign and price drop, but it should be any day now.