Grammarly, and League of Legends made YouTube’s top 10 True View for Action ads in 2018. The leaderboard showcases the ads with the best performance determined by an algorithm factoring total reach, clicks and engagements. The top ten videos range from a proofreading app to a mattress company. All the ads have one thing in common, they break down and explain their product clearly.

TrueView is YouTube’s opt-in ads—allowing users to continue watching if they wish, and brands will only pay per opted-in view. Viewers can click on elements to take direct action in TrueView ads and there is a link on the bottom left-hand corner inside the video and another link in the right column outside the ad.

Grammarly’s “Enhance your writing” video shows different people talking about how much Grammarly helps their daily life. In the first few seconds a woman says, “if you write anything on your computer, you need to get Grammarly.” Viewers can download it for free, the text “download for free” remains on the screen the entire video.

In project management tool’s ad, the compaby explains “What using feels like.”

League of Legends’ad “What is League of Legends? Told by Nevercake” shows main character Nevercake explaining the game with a quirky, unique humor. “If you had friends they would already be playing” the character says.

Top 10 TrueView for Action leaderboard:

  1. Grammarly “Enhance your writing” – 301,742,418 views
  2. “What using feels like” – 50,192,818 views
  3. League of Legends “What is League of Legends? Told by Nevercake” – 23,367,136 views
  4. Nectar Sleep “Make America sleep again” – 11,943,412 views
  5. World of Warships “Why haven’t played World of Warships yet?”- 44,615,138 views
  6. Honey “Never search for a coupon code again – 25,454,890 views
  7. Wix “Create a professional portfolio website, Jay Pharoah” – 69,354,686 views
  8. Netflix “The Kissing Booth” – 4,560,290 views
  9. GlassesUSA “You Need New Glasses” – 35,432,509 views
  10. Udemy “Learn drawing on Udemy” – 79,216,770 views

In October, the YouTube announced the changing criteria for the ads. They now count an engagement whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds of a TrueView for Action ad.  A conversion is counted by default when a user takes action with an ad within 3 days of an engagement.