It’s official – the Minions are trying to take over the world.

With the success of the Despicable Me films ($1.5 billion worldwide and rising), Universal has put a lot of work into making the gibberish-speaking minions from the film superstars. And it’ll test their mettle on July 10th with the forthcoming film Minions, a prequel that tells their side of the story as they team up with a new supervillain, voiced by Sandra Bullock.

But now the Minions are taking over Amazon, as a new partnership between the mega-retailer, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment has been announced. Per TechCrunch, the deal enables customers’ orders through the site to ship in bright yellow delivery boxes, featuring characters from the Minions film. This marks the first time ever that Amazon has changed its packaging specifically through a marketing deal.

The Minions have already left a huge mark in the retail world, with a number of products ranging from dolls to figurines selling well for Universal, and other products like board games, video games and other toys being introduced in time for the film’s debut next month.

Minions packaging not only includes labeling of specific characters from the film (to go with the bright yellow coloring), but also promotion for the movie itself, including the release date and a special Amazon URL where shoppers can purchase even more products featuring the adorable anti-heroes. The company will carry a full line of these toys, with more being added as they’re introduced.

Amazon was teasing the team-up for some time, through a variety of tweets and Facebook posts last month, saying that the three different minions – Stuart, Bob and Kevin – would be arriving on consumers’ doorsteps “soon.” Shipments are taking place now and will run through July 10th, leaving plenty of room for people to take part in the promotion.

So far, the deal is a big success for the company, with some people even ordering from the company just to get hold of one of the collector’s boxes.

There’s no word yet if Amazon is doing this with any other partners in the future, but the company is certainly open to the idea.

Let’s just hope it’s not going to ship out any lipstick tasers with those minions.

The trailer for the film can be found below.