Activision s Destiny has been making waves since its launch on the market last September, selling millions of copies across the board and involving players in a number of group-based events online, mainly put together by the developers at Bungie. Now, with the biggest expansion yet set to launch in just under two weeks, Activision is looking to revive the community even further by releasing some of its content a little bit earlier.

Forbes reports that a patch for the game will launch on September 8, and with it players will be able to get a taste of the latest expansion for the game, The Taken King. All the new Crucible maps from the expansion will be available to try out a week early, and a new weapon balance patch will be put in place, so that players can rebuff their highly leveled assault rifles and other weapons with ease.

In addition, The Tower Gunsmith will also be able to build weapons for players, which can be tested out in the field and pre-ordered when the expansion arrives a week later.

Other tweaks will be introduced with the game s new patch as well, including the debut of a new voice for the cybernetic assistant Ghost, with actor Nolan North replacing Peter Dinklage a move that has some fans grateful, considering his droll delivery.

This try before you buy system is an ideal way for Activision to get fans excited for the new expansion, which will be available as both part of Destiny s new physical game package and as a separate download for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. It s set to sell separately for $39.99.

And this isn t the first time that Activision has offered a taste of a popular franchise before its release. Last month, it ran a beta for the multiplayer portion of its forthcoming sequel Call of Duty: Black Ops III, introducing players to new components of the game, while at the same time delivering the multiplayer experience that they ve come to expect. That game will release in November for $59.99.

The newest trailer for The Taken King can be found below.