Following HBO s storytelling experiment with HBO Voyeur, the network is pushing boundaries again with a project called HBO Imagine.  The focus of the art experiment this time is multilayered narrative delivered through multimedia, specifically disparate video, audio and text clips that come together to form a coherent story.

In its current form, one of the most interesting aspects of the project is HBO Cube, where scenes shot continuously on a single set are broken down into four perspectives.  The effect works especially well with the subject matter, where as a mystery story unfolds the viewer finds the need to return to these Cube scenes for missing clues.  As a whole, these scenes and other multimedia created for this specific narrative debuting HBO’s project run the gamut from cable-worthy production value to budget video game cut-scene.  Yet the intrigue here is less the ends and more the means HBO is introducing as a novel spin on multilayered storytelling.

HBO has exhibited HBO Imagine in New York and Philadelphia, and is making its last stop in Washington D.C. at the end of this week.  Another component of the project challenges independent filmmakers to submit videos at following the narrative formula set by HBO Imagine.  There is currently only one user-created film available, though this may pick up as the city tour and promo concludes.

Check it out at {link no longer active}.